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About the Company

www.haryalimarket.com is all about “Made in Pakistan”, bringing you all your Haryali market favourites online and giving some amazing entrepreneurs the opportunity to join us from across Pakistan. It’s about all about local products and fresh produce as well as crafts, beauty products, clothing and much more.

Our platform caters to SMEs, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts looking for an online marketplace to sell their products and services nationwide. Just like Haryali, this idea was born out of the many queries we get from other cities who are looking to buy products they see in pictures on the page. 

You grow, we grow!

Our Mission

To create an inclusive online marketplace where SME’s can stock and market their products and services.

Our Vision

To build an inclusive community of like minded entrepreneurs with the ultimate aim to create a self sustaining network.

You Grow, We grow!
Online marketplace for Small Businesses

Why Choose Us

Mahrukh Beyg

Founder and partner at Haryali
Entrepreneur Market/Haryali Store

Mahrukh always wanted to do something productive and make an actual difference so she joined several NGOs involved in poverty eradication and food provisions for the poor in Pakistan. Haryali is all about breaking the stereotypical mindset embedded in society so that it becomes a beacon of light for women empowerment and young entrepreneurs in the eyes of the global world.Today, Mahrukh has been co-running Haryali Markets, has co-established Haryali Store in DHA Lahore since 2015, and has her own organic procurement setup. With the advent of Haryali Market Online, she continues to break new ground.

Rabia Aamir

Partner, Happa studios,
Co-founder Whistle & Humm

Rabia Aamir is a Creative Strategist, copywriter and entrepreneur who has gone from strength to strength since her journey started 14 years ago. Committed to lifelong learning she is involved in the Pakistan startup ecosystem. It was a natural progression that she co-founded Whistle and Humm and is Director Growth and Partnerships for National Trading, its sourcing arm. W&H is a kids’ and women’s online footwear brand that now has a growing audience nationwide.
“It’s always amazing to come across a brand that has just started off. It’s all raw and soft and the best place to be. And it’s beautiful to watch it take off. “

Raafae Kashmiri

Marketing Manager

Raafae has significant experience in vendor management and marketing new businesses. Involved in the Haryali business since day one, Raafae has extensive know-how of the entrepreneurial community in Pakistan having dealt with 300+ SMEs through recurring Haryali markets.
Raafae’s attention to detail and marketing prowess allows him to continually improve the customer and vendor experience.
“The digital world is limitless. The pursuit of perfection will never end.”


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