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Arine: Redefining Beauty and Skincare

What prompted you to launch Arine. What is the ideology behind it?

Skincare is something I always felt obsessed with myself. I would always buy skincare products from abroad but there seemed to be a very little variety of products I could completely trust in Pakistan. I wanted to create a brand that would change the way skincare is perceived in Pakistan, something that is away from the fixation of skin whitening.

The ideology behind Arine is to make products only from fine quality ingredients so the consumer feels safe to use them without fear of using any harsh chemicals on the skin.

How would you describe the experience of starting your own business in Pakistan? Any advice for young entrepreneur's like yourself?

I feel like starting your own business anywhere in the world has its own challenges. It almost feels like you’re handling raw material, inventory, marketing and finances, all by yourself. However, in my case, I was immensely supported by my family as they all helped me with their own areas of expertise. The overall experience of starting your own business is crucial but I believe all hardships can be dealt with consistence and prompt management.

An advice I would give to all young entrepreneurs like myself is to never give up and keep trying, no matter how hard times become. You just have to give it your best shot and treat your venture like your own child.

What are some of the hurdles you've faced so far and how did you overcome them?

No business comes without hurdles and difficulties. For me, making sure the raw material was 100% natural and pure was crucial. Having no preservatives lessens the shelf life of a wet mask and this altered my idea of having a mixed mask. So, I researched more and realized it was better to have a dry mask that would have its ingredients activated only prior use. Constantly studying the ingredients being used helps provide clarity and affirmative results.

How is Arine different?

Arine is a brand that believes in diversity and it is different because it caters to people with different skin types; dry, oily, combination and acne prone.

Frequent use of the Rejuvenating mud mask helps calm down acne, Glow on the go freshens up the skin with the use of Vitamin C (can be used on all skin types) and the Restorative clay mask deep cleans oily skin.

The ultimate goal and vision is to make Arine Pakistan’s number 1 skincare brand with complete validity of the consumers using our products.

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