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Magpie Crafts and the Art of Up-cycled Jewellery

What prompted you to launch Magpie Crafts. What is the ideology behind it?

Magpie Crafts was created to provide more sustainable options to people and to create an awareness about the environment and its concerns.

It was launched as a response to our general inability to do much regarding the growing environmental concern. We often feel helpless as we don’t have much control over bringing improvements beyond our own capacity of making sustainable choices.

The ideology is not to be the perfect recycling and upcycling solution but rather to allow people to think about alternate sustainable solutions for everyday items and be able to change their lifestyles.

How would you describe the experience of starting your own business in Pakistan? Any advice for young entrepreneur's like yourself?

It is difficult to figure out how to start any project or business but reaching out to the right platforms, such as Haryali, and getting in touch with other small businesses to share ideas and get advice really helps.

I’m so thrilled that small businesses and entrepreneurs are now emerging more rapidly in Pakistan and bringing fresh ideas. We must create a team who supports each other as it is not easy to find information on most things.

You learn a lot from other people and their experiences.

What are some of the hurdles you've faced so far and how did you overcome them?

One major hurdle is creating awareness about recycled and upcycled products. People may appreciate the idea but making that choice of switching to a sustainable product does not come easily. It is a lifestyle change. I’m overcoming this by creating more awareness on the production process of Magpie products; platforms like Haryali allow me to exhibit my products (physically and online) – and when people are able to see products, they can make better choices. Coverage and awareness helps in this regard as people often do not even realise they have alternative options available to them.
Another major hurdle is that Magpie Crafts is a small business which has been launched online. Having a physical shop helps in visibility and sales. Online consumers are somewhat limited so that limits growth. Plus with COVID, it has not been possible to conduct exhibitions. Again, visibility through Haryali, advertising and media coverage help in this regard as more people become aware of what Magpie has to offer.

How is Magpie Crafts different?

Genuine handmade recycled and upcycled products are hard to find. Most recycled notebooks may not have completely recycled components. Similarly, upcycled paper bead jewellery reuses materials which would otherwise add to our waste.
The overall packing involves old recycled material as well – i avoid bubble wraps and anything plastic in the packaging but if it has to be used for long distance orders, I will ensure the bubble wrap used is old to reduce single use plastic.
Magpie is an effort to reduce our waste, improve our usage of existing materials and creating upcycled items you can wear with pride and without guilt.
We just try to provide more sustainable options and have fun along the way!

What is your ultimate goal and vision?

It would make me exceptionally happy if I am able to generate employment for people through Magpie, particularly women. Giving them the skill of recycling and making upcycled paper beads, allowing them to delve into their creative side and come up with new ideas would also be wonderful.
I hope I am able to create a self sustainable model for Magpie so that it can grow, produce more upcycled and recycled items and continue to serve its mission of reducing waste and improving sustainable choices in Pakistan.


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